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Orton-Gillingham International

Literacy Training - virtual and In-person 

Coaching, Consulting and Certification

Multisensory Math

Orton-Gillingham International 
We provide state of the art structured literacy training programs virtually and in person. This explicit, systematic and multisensory instruction that is the Orton Gillingham (O-G) approach, prepares educators to successfully provide reading instruction to all students and targeted instruction to struggling readers including those who have dyslexia.  Furthermore, the approach is perfect for intensive one on one intervention.
Percentage of people who have dyslexia ranging from mild to severe.
Percentage of "Sharks" on ABCs "Shark Tank" who have dyslexia
National % of 4th graders that are not proficient in reading.
Percent of college students have to take remedial or developmental classes before they even get into a college-level class.
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